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I updated my Multiply today :-) I love the new layout I used there: Rainbow stars! I hope that LJ would upload the new cool layouts from the HP layout contest :-) Even though I'm not yet a long-time LJ user, I'm enjoying the site, especially the people ( thanks to: [info]arlihama[info]metallicbubblex ,) and the communities... I kinda prefer LJ over Multiply hehe because Multiply is really slow!

Nine more days before school.



 We finished covering and labelling everything this afternoon. I'm quite excited about the new school year and I'm kinda expecting change for some things in school  First of all, I'm not going to be an acolyte anymore. I won't be serving in the Mass regularly because I've finally decided to become a writer for Sparks. (will be missing KOA/LOA a lot though   ). And I'm kinda handling a confidential (which means, by all means to be kept to myself forever) pre-SY2008-2009 situation right now (Status: Under Control).



I'm enjoying what's left of summer! Two days ago I was playing with this cute puppy our neighbor has. She's only one month old and her mom is a Chou-chou and her dad is a German Shepherd. She's really a sweet dog.. she loves to cuddle on people's feet. She's not yet fond of crowd though, she's shy-type! I'm so happy that her owner (i think his name is Kuya Renato) gave me the privilege of naming her! I suggested cute  names like Cinnamon, Vanilla, Strawberry and our final choices were Aqua, Summer, Brownies, Fluffy, and Rainbow. And we ended up naming her Rainbow!

I suggested that name because her collar was rainbow colored! And she's so cute and fluffy that she could bring a rainbow to people's lives! I will try to post pictures of her.. If time would allow...


Yesterday we went out.Andrea didn't want to come with us so I brought her sister (and one of my BFFs) Angelie.First we went to see my lolo's wife who just came home from the States in my Papa Biyo's place in Sampaloc. There were people there that I'm not quite familiar with because they were my lolo's wife's relatives. There was even one girl whom Angelie knew because she (the girl) used to study in her school!

When I got out of the car, I saw my Tito Mike and gave him a bday greeting (coz his bday was May 30) He was playing chess with Norman (hmm speaking off...paging Angelie!!). My dad teases him and Angelie a lot because there was this time... uhh.. nevermind that's confidential hehe. Next there was my Tito Xim. I teased him because when I texted him that David Cook was crowned American Idol, he replied and told me that he got lost in a bet in theis office (for his bet was Archuleta). lol..

Then there was Papa Biyo.. and Lola Nanet and then my lolo's wife Lola Linda (I finally remembered the name) came down from the stairs. When she saw me, she was like "This is Aira already??" I gave her a kiss and reached out for his hand to make mano... Then we ate Palabok (which I didn't quite enjoy) and a glass of Coke Zero (which I enjoyed hehe)

We spent about an hour in Sampaloc. Afterwhich, we went to The Medical City to fetch my mom from work.. and then we went to Market! Market! to buy school supplies

I was really happy that my mom helped me choose a new binder! Because I still have- a spare from last year that I haven't used yet. I'm not really happy with the design of that binder.... (but I'm not saying that I won't use it) The design of the new binder was cute  . It's really glam! and the quality of the fillers inside was better than the one I used last year (the one with the dog design).

Then, this morning, I woke up at 10. I think.. unofficially.. I was the first one to get up inside the house. It's unofficial because my Ate Honey woke up early to shop in the market but she was asleep when I woke up. I really liked our house when it's quiet ( like right now.. coz I'm  the only one who's not in bed). Involuntarily, I drank a glass of water. I wasn't satisfied so I drank again and again until I had about five glasses of water and my stomach really felt heavy. Out of boredom, I decided to take a bath.

Few hours later, I made the first thing that made sense today. I went down to the Computer shop and printed out my labels on the sticker papers that I got from nowhere (I just found them in my room with some other stuff when I was cleaning my room about two weeks ago).

then we ate lunch (Tahong and beefstake)

and rested a little

then we covered everything I needed for school...

After that, my mom played Collapse here in the computer... when she was finished..  I played and surfed the net

We searched for Paella recipes because she wanted to experiment. And then we found the recipe for Chicken paella.. she told me to copy it and so I did... and it was utterly loooonnnnnng!


Few hours later came Angelie.. we surfed.. and played games... and made her an account in GaiaOnline 


Then we had dinner (which is obviously Chicken Paella)


then Angelie and I surfed again....

at around 10:30 she went home


and here I am

typing this

utterly long

Journal entry...

hope it makes sense

and so that's it

-the end-

Lots of love,







Jun. 5th, 2008 04:11 am (UTC)
thanxx a lot :) this comment made me happy too:) keep smiling :)