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A blog entry from Spencer of iCarly!

I'm so happy that iCarly is already airing on Nick here in the Philippines! I watched an episode yesterday and it was the episode where Carly's grandfather wants her to move with him in Yakima!. I just checked out their site and here is a blog entry from Carly's brother, Spencer. (I think he's really awesome and funny :-) )

What a Strawberry Splat MIGHT Say to a Blueberry Banana!

Whenever Carly goes to The Groovy Smoothie, I ask her to get me one. I USED to get the "Strawberry Splat" smoothie, but then I switched to the "Blueberry Banana" smoothie. If a "Strawberry Splat" smoothie had a CONVERSATION with a "Blueberry Banana" smoothie, WHAT WOULD THEY SAY? I think it MIGHT go something like this…

Blueberry Banana: Hey. How’s it goin’?
Strawberry Splat: I hate you!
Blueberry Banana: Why???!? What did I do???
Strawberry Splat: Spencer USED to love MEEE! 
Blueberry Banana: Well, sorry. It’s not my fault I taste better than you.
Strawberry Splat: That’s a lie! I’m VERY tasty! Way tastier than you!
Blueberry Banana: Oh YEAH? Then why does Spencer wanna taste ME now, and NOT YOU anymore?
Strawberry Splat: I don’t know! You’re evil!
Blueberry Banana: No -- you're just MAD 'cuz  I'm a newer, better, and younger smoothie than you.  You WERE tasty -- like 3 years ago -- but that was then.  I'M what Spencer wants NOW. 
Strawberry Splat: I'm STILL yummy, no matter what you say!
Blueberry Banana: Not really. You used to be all smooth and good. But now, you’re too thick and lumpy. Why don’t you join a gym or somethin'?
Strawberry Splat: You are so mean! Blueberries are stupid! They aren’t even blue! They’re PURPLE! Admit it!
Blueberry Banana: No! And strawberries are weirdly shaped and have big pores! 
Strawberry Splat: I just want Spencer to love me again!
Blueberry Banana: Hey, we all WANT things. Maybe you can date Lewbert.  But as for SPENCER -- I'M the smoothie he wants to be drinking now.
Strawberry Splat: Maybe. Until The Groovy Smoothie starts selling their NEW flavor next month: KIWI-PEACH!!! I hear it's gonna be the prettiest new smoothie EVER!
Blueberry Banana: What?!?!?!?!?!!
Strawberry Splat: Yep. LOL. Hahahahahaha. Loser!
Blueberry Banana: Awwwwwww!!!!!  Poo!!!

This I-M conversation has been entirely made-up by me.  Thank you.  –Spencer ;)

GO SPENCER!! our toilet water is also blue :)

go to iCarly.com

Strawberry SplatvsBlueberry Banana!



Jun. 12th, 2008 09:47 pm (UTC)
Haha, iCarly IS a great show! Spencer is DEFINATELY my favorite. He's so crazy =P
Jun. 14th, 2008 09:02 am (UTC)
Spencer is also my favorite :) I love his sculptures!