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The Present and the Future

It's been almost a month since my last post
(The last one didn't count- it was very short and it wasn't even that good). Lots of things have happened in the past month. Right now, I just happened to realize that I haven't made an official post for August.

Last August 8, 2008. Something happened that have changed my life not just on some sort of way but in a MAJOR kind of way. Nope, it's not the Beijing Olympics . By the way,  Team Philippines  brought home only  ONE GOLD  and it doesn't even officially count as one since it is only an exhibition (specifically in Wu Shu). But still, I'm happy because I know that they all did their best for our country. There's still the 2012 Olympics in London anyway (The double decker during the closing ceremony was really cool).

 As to what I am saying earlier, the news that have changed my life was this: My mom gave birth to a healthy baby girl in The Medical City last August 8, 2008 at 10:48pm. (Sorry if I have not mentioned here in my blog that my mom is pregnant)   After 13 years of being an only child, I now have a baby sister (sho-be as what the Chinese call it) and I'm now an older sister (A-chi). I'm just so happy when I spend time with her and I can't wait for her to turn three or six so that I can dress her up like a Barbie doll or something. Here are some of her pictures:


[+These pictures were taken when she was still in the The Medical City (the hospital). This is also where my mom works as the head nurse of the Delivery Suite.+]

Here name is Xyrene Lheiz since my mom's name was Irene. I originally proposed Zyrene Lheiz but my dad Changed the "Z" to "X" since my uncle's name was Xim. Lheiz is my dad's name spelled completely backwards (for his name was Ziehl). I also have it on my name (which is Aira Lheiz) and I think it's one of the most cool and unique part of my entire life since I only know two people (which is me and my sister) having the name Lheiz. Some people may have it but most of them use it as a nick name.

Many people are often shocked by our 13-year age gap. It's really a long period of time and there might be times where it would be difficult for us to understand each other. But lately, I have realized the economic advantage of a 13-year age gap; specifically in education because I'll already be graduating college by the time she will be starting school. So it wouldn't be much of a worry to my parent's pocket. Also, hopefully, by that time, I've already have a job so I could help my parents in raising my little sister. 

As what I can see, becoming  a responsible A-chi is a great challenge that I would be happy to take

As for my future, I still haven't decided which course to take when I go to college. There was a Career exhibit in our school last week. It was manly for the Grade 9 and 10 students but the guidance councelors also encouraged other levels to visit the exhibit. And so, I went with Ate Roszene, my friend from Grade 9. She went to the booth of FEU and I couldn't find her so I wondered around alone. Then, a lady from the booth of the Emilio Aguinaldo College asked me "Do you know what you would like to be?" and I told her "I still haven't decided since I wanted to do many things in my life. I want to be a pilot, a linguist, and a biologist". She asked me what year level am I in and when I told her that I was from the Eight Grade, she told me "Why don't you decide which is number one, number two, and number three. And here is a brochure of our school. On the back is a list of the courses we offer. Other schools also offer the same courses." I smiled and said "thanks" . She smiled back and I walked away. I also got this mini magazine, "International Sudent Guide in the US". I grabbed it because I'm quite interested on how college works in the US.

Right now, I dont want to worry much right now of my future. But still, I hope that when the day comes that I need to make a decision, I would make the right one. I don't want to end up procrastinating things that I do, otherwise I wouldn't have any success in my life because I wouldn't have anything finished. My life would be a total mess if that happens....

Me in school nowadays.

The First Quarterly Exams finished two weeks ago. The FirstQ went okay but the exams were quite challenging to me. I never thought that being in Eight Grade would be this hard.

Intermediate Algebra
This is the hardest exam I have taken this quarter. The challenge was not really on the mind but on the speed. The items were not really hard but they are just too many for an hour and a half. I really didn't expect to get an above average score on this one because after I took this test, I got really pessimistic and I really expected to fail. Math is not my best subject but still, I like it because unlike other subjects where you only need analyzing, ( I am not saying that analyzing or other subjects are not important or not challenging for me) solving equations makes my mind not only analyzing once or twice, but it makes my mind analyzing continuously. It's like having my mind on its most active state.

This exam is not that easy and not that hard. I can say that I did a little well here in English than in Algebra. So far, I see English as the subject that I apply the most nowadays since reading and writing are two of my favorite hobbies. Last week was reserved for our oral test which was formal debate, no a very formal debate, we had to wear business attire for two days. The topic that was assigned to pur group was The Corruption of Truth and the Truth of Corruption and we were in the PRO side. Our group's motion was this: that corruption is not only evident but RAMPANT here in the Philippines.

This subject is 30% part of my math grade. This was the easiest exam this quarter.The exam was over 50 and I got 57 (yay!). I like this subject as much as I liked our last year's elective , which was Business Math.

Also a very hard exam. I found the FAN (For, Againts, and Neither)  test  really hard. It's a test where you are to read  and analyze an article and afterwards, there are given statements and you will decide if each one of them is For the article, againts the article, or Neither; which means the statement's got nothing to do with the article. CLE is one of my favorite subjects but I always found it hard since Freshman Year. I find many things so abstract in CLE.

This is my favorite subject!. The exam was not that easy and not that hard.

The exam was also okay. I got the highest score here (yay again!)

Araling Panlipunan/ Social Studies/ (Asian History)
I also got the highest score here along with Luisa and Angel. Among all the exams, I enjoyed this most because I liked the test where you will find what's the item that's different from the group and you will explain what it is. Example. The Given items are: Caste System, Calligraphy, Sanskrit, and Vedas. The Answer would be Calligraphy because it is a contibution from the Chinese Civilization. All the others are contributions from the Hindu Civilization.

The Second Quarter is going fine for me. I just realized that this is the only weekend where I didn't have homework to do. Oh, except for one, which was the signature campaign againts the Reprouctive Health Bill (which was not much of a hard task). And I'm so happy that I filled up the whole page. I don't want to post up my opinion about the bill because honestly, I haven't done much research about it. All I know is that if this bill would be approved by the congress, the worse thing that could possibly happen would be a proposal of the bill that is pro abortion.

Until then,


may your swords stay sharp



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Sep. 21st, 2008 01:50 am (UTC)
Oh my gosh CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW SISTER!!! I'm so happy for you!! This is such great news!! There's a 12-year gap between my youngest sister and I. I turned 16 back in August and a few days ago she turned 4. 13 years is not a bad thing at all!

Sep. 21st, 2008 08:04 am (UTC)
tnxx :) That 13-year gap made me worry at first.

Happy belated birthday
Oct. 11th, 2008 01:53 pm (UTC)
lulz, this maybe late, but~~~

Congratulations on getting a baby sister, Ate Aira XDDD

lol, Isn't Sr. Malen your CLE teacher? She's my adviser. And the FAN thing is confusing. It was used in 2ndQ exams in Grade 6, and no matter how many times this part of the test is used in the past CLE quizzes, it still confuses me, lol. Sometimes I really don't get it and randomly put answers. :D
( 3 comments — Spare a thought )