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A virtual difference

Okay... I have lots to blog about but first, let me post this- my virtual tree in Carbongrove- a Carbon Reduction Reminder service. Users just need to watch their tree grow by clicking the reminder weekly and after six weeks, Internet Explorer will plant a real tree. Notice the butterfly on my tree- I think that symbolizes my first week because I noticed other trees already have other animals like bears and deers. I think it works like this- the longer you watch time your tree grow, the more species you get :-) My tree is bamboo and it's planted in Sumatra Forest. It is home to 10,00 plant species, more the 200 mammal species, and 580 bird species. I chose this forest because of one particular reason: I live in Southeast Asia- where the Sumatran Forest is located (LOL)

So here's my tree

My tree at Carbon Grove

It's really amazing.The fact that you get to contribute to the environment without leaving your house makes me feel really good.

Plant your tree now! Go to www.carbongrove.com to help save the environment