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Writer's Block: Sharing Haikus

The Japanese haiku poet Basho once wrote, "Old pond / a frog jumps / the sound of water." Try writing some of your own haikus about the little things in your life. A haiku generally consists of a five-syllable line, a seven-syllable line and a second five-syllable line. You can also use any combination of ten-to-fourteen syllables.
This was our lesson last week! I made mine with my seatmate, Jem!

This was our haiku:

1.On the grass it grows
The tulip sways with the wind
It's petals smiling

*Kigo: tulip

2. I sit on a shade
Of a lazy maple tree
As its leaves fall down

*Kigo: Leaves falling down..

Here is another Haiku made by me last June. This was the first Haiku that I have ever written

Trees in the summer
Gives off a breeze of springtime
Makes me feel happy

To see through my eyes
A wonder made by man's hands
Gives my heart's tranquil

Oh, my heart desires
For the future to see
This awe of nature

I was inspired by Bohol's Man made forest. This approximately 1 kilometer drive dates back to the '50s. I wish people would continue to make man made forests today :)

The Present and the Future

It's been almost a month since my last post
(The last one didn't count- it was very short and it wasn't even that good). Lots of things have happened in the past month. Right now, I just happened to realize that I haven't made an official post for August.

Last August 8, 2008. Something happened that have changed my life not just on some sort of way but in a MAJOR kind of way. Nope, it's not the Beijing Olympics . By the way,  Team Philippines  brought home only  ONE GOLD  and it doesn't even officially count as one since it is only an exhibition (specifically in Wu Shu). But still, I'm happy because I know that they all did their best for our country. There's still the 2012 Olympics in London anyway (The double decker during the closing ceremony was really cool).

 As to what I am saying earlier, the news that have changed my life was this: My mom gave birth to a healthy baby girl in The Medical City last August 8, 2008 at 10:48pm. (Sorry if I have not mentioned here in my blog that my mom is pregnant)   After 13 years of being an only child, I now have a baby sister (sho-be as what the Chinese call it) and I'm now an older sister (A-chi). I'm just so happy when I spend time with her and I can't wait for her to turn three or six so that I can dress her up like a Barbie doll or something. Here are some of her pictures:


[+These pictures were taken when she was still in the The Medical City (the hospital). This is also where my mom works as the head nurse of the Delivery Suite.+]

Here name is Xyrene Lheiz since my mom's name was Irene. I originally proposed Zyrene Lheiz but my dad Changed the "Z" to "X" since my uncle's name was Xim. Lheiz is my dad's name spelled completely backwards (for his name was Ziehl). I also have it on my name (which is Aira Lheiz) and I think it's one of the most cool and unique part of my entire life since I only know two people (which is me and my sister) having the name Lheiz. Some people may have it but most of them use it as a nick name.

Many people are often shocked by our 13-year age gap. It's really a long period of time and there might be times where it would be difficult for us to understand each other. But lately, I have realized the economic advantage of a 13-year age gap; specifically in education because I'll already be graduating college by the time she will be starting school. So it wouldn't be much of a worry to my parent's pocket. Also, hopefully, by that time, I've already have a job so I could help my parents in raising my little sister. 

As what I can see, becoming  a responsible A-chi is a great challenge that I would be happy to take

As for my future, I still haven't decided which course to take when I go to college. There was a Career exhibit in our school last week. It was manly for the Grade 9 and 10 students but the guidance councelors also encouraged other levels to visit the exhibit. And so, I went with Ate Roszene, my friend from Grade 9. She went to the booth of FEU and I couldn't find her so I wondered around alone. Then, a lady from the booth of the Emilio Aguinaldo College asked me "Do you know what you would like to be?" and I told her "I still haven't decided since I wanted to do many things in my life. I want to be a pilot, a linguist, and a biologist". She asked me what year level am I in and when I told her that I was from the Eight Grade, she told me "Why don't you decide which is number one, number two, and number three. And here is a brochure of our school. On the back is a list of the courses we offer. Other schools also offer the same courses." I smiled and said "thanks" . She smiled back and I walked away. I also got this mini magazine, "International Sudent Guide in the US". I grabbed it because I'm quite interested on how college works in the US.

Right now, I dont want to worry much right now of my future. But still, I hope that when the day comes that I need to make a decision, I would make the right one. I don't want to end up procrastinating things that I do, otherwise I wouldn't have any success in my life because I wouldn't have anything finished. My life would be a total mess if that happens....

Me in school nowadays.

The First Quarterly Exams finished two weeks ago. The FirstQ went okay but the exams were quite challenging to me. I never thought that being in Eight Grade would be this hard.

Intermediate Algebra
This is the hardest exam I have taken this quarter. The challenge was not really on the mind but on the speed. The items were not really hard but they are just too many for an hour and a half. I really didn't expect to get an above average score on this one because after I took this test, I got really pessimistic and I really expected to fail. Math is not my best subject but still, I like it because unlike other subjects where you only need analyzing, ( I am not saying that analyzing or other subjects are not important or not challenging for me) solving equations makes my mind not only analyzing once or twice, but it makes my mind analyzing continuously. It's like having my mind on its most active state.

This exam is not that easy and not that hard. I can say that I did a little well here in English than in Algebra. So far, I see English as the subject that I apply the most nowadays since reading and writing are two of my favorite hobbies. Last week was reserved for our oral test which was formal debate, no a very formal debate, we had to wear business attire for two days. The topic that was assigned to pur group was The Corruption of Truth and the Truth of Corruption and we were in the PRO side. Our group's motion was this: that corruption is not only evident but RAMPANT here in the Philippines.

This subject is 30% part of my math grade. This was the easiest exam this quarter.The exam was over 50 and I got 57 (yay!). I like this subject as much as I liked our last year's elective , which was Business Math.

Also a very hard exam. I found the FAN (For, Againts, and Neither)  test  really hard. It's a test where you are to read  and analyze an article and afterwards, there are given statements and you will decide if each one of them is For the article, againts the article, or Neither; which means the statement's got nothing to do with the article. CLE is one of my favorite subjects but I always found it hard since Freshman Year. I find many things so abstract in CLE.

This is my favorite subject!. The exam was not that easy and not that hard.

The exam was also okay. I got the highest score here (yay again!)

Araling Panlipunan/ Social Studies/ (Asian History)
I also got the highest score here along with Luisa and Angel. Among all the exams, I enjoyed this most because I liked the test where you will find what's the item that's different from the group and you will explain what it is. Example. The Given items are: Caste System, Calligraphy, Sanskrit, and Vedas. The Answer would be Calligraphy because it is a contibution from the Chinese Civilization. All the others are contributions from the Hindu Civilization.

The Second Quarter is going fine for me. I just realized that this is the only weekend where I didn't have homework to do. Oh, except for one, which was the signature campaign againts the Reprouctive Health Bill (which was not much of a hard task). And I'm so happy that I filled up the whole page. I don't want to post up my opinion about the bill because honestly, I haven't done much research about it. All I know is that if this bill would be approved by the congress, the worse thing that could possibly happen would be a proposal of the bill that is pro abortion.

Until then,


may your swords stay sharp


I was supposed to post last week... Then we had a problem with the internet connection... **weeeeehhh**

I was thinking about doing this post on my Multiply because I think it needs serious updating. Then I realized that most of my classmates (and schoolmates as well) would read it for they have accounts in Multiply. Not that I'm hiding from them or something but them reading my opinion kinda makes me feel uncomfortable. Another thing is that they probably might know all this because I've done this whole First Week thing with them all along. And so here it goes:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008. My cellphone and alarm clock haven't ringed yet when my mom's wet hands touched my shoulder to wake me up. I opened my eyes and see my mom smiling at me. I smiled back and greeted her a good morning. I slept well; despite the fact that I only had four hours of sleep.

And so I did my usual morning routine. I ate breakfast with her mom. Her shift was 6am-2pm that day and I was glad to be with her as I prepare for my first day in school. I think I had Tuna omelet and fried bananas for breakfast that morning. My mom asked me if I would like something to drink but I decided to drink water only.

After breakfast, I brushed my teeth. Then, I put my uniform on. I missed that white dress with only the navy blue leather belt putting color in it. Wearing it for the first time in two and a half months made me feel sticky and warm like I haven't taken my shower yet. I'm not used to it already.

As I wait for my school service to fetch me, I read a few pages in Inkheart. Meggie (the character in Inkheart) read Tinker Bell out of the book that time and Basta and Capricorn (also characters) was doing their usual business- being evil that time.  After about 30 minutes, my service came already.

When we arrived in school, I walked my servicemates Angelu and Kaye Anne. Angelu was leading us. When we were to pass thru the guard's gate, she hesitated and took a step back towards me. Then she whispered "Aira, ikaw muna" (Aira, you should go first) I was curious but I didn't hesitate to walk first. When I walked pass the lobby, the whole student body was already lined up. I realized that the first bell already rang. I felt a bit embarassed. Some of my  batchmates were really staring at us smiling in a teasing way. I didn't have a choice but to walk. I didn't have trouble searching for my class; There was a classmate of mine lined in front with a sign that says "8-Amethyst". So I went at the back of the line and sat like an Indian like all of my classmates.

My adviser was Ms. Asi. She was also my adviser in 5th Grade. Our classroom was located in the third floor- beside the classroom of 8-Topaz which was nearest to the staircase. I sat with Chelsea. The other people sitting in our row was April Norms, Angel, Louise Belle, Justine, Karla, and Alessa. Rapunzel was also on my left. She always asks questions to me even during our freshman year :-)

I can't recall everything we did that day. But I'm sure that I went home at exactly 12:30nn.. I love it when we were in half day schedule.

But I remember a few things: I talked to Ate Janine and Jane during dismissal time. Ate Janine borrowed my Kitchen Princess manga (Cristel borrowed it during the last week of school and returned it that day) and she (Ate Janine)  agreed to lend me her copy of Twilight...

I don't know how to end this entry.. I'm really excited to make another entry about Twilight!!!


Forgive me for my sudden wierdness...


A virtual difference

Okay... I have lots to blog about but first, let me post this- my virtual tree in Carbongrove- a Carbon Reduction Reminder service. Users just need to watch their tree grow by clicking the reminder weekly and after six weeks, Internet Explorer will plant a real tree. Notice the butterfly on my tree- I think that symbolizes my first week because I noticed other trees already have other animals like bears and deers. I think it works like this- the longer you watch time your tree grow, the more species you get :-) My tree is bamboo and it's planted in Sumatra Forest. It is home to 10,00 plant species, more the 200 mammal species, and 580 bird species. I chose this forest because of one particular reason: I live in Southeast Asia- where the Sumatran Forest is located (LOL)

So here's my tree

My tree at Carbon Grove

It's really amazing.The fact that you get to contribute to the environment without leaving your house makes me feel really good.

Plant your tree now! Go to www.carbongrove.com to help save the environment

A blog entry from Spencer of iCarly!

I'm so happy that iCarly is already airing on Nick here in the Philippines! I watched an episode yesterday and it was the episode where Carly's grandfather wants her to move with him in Yakima!. I just checked out their site and here is a blog entry from Carly's brother, Spencer. (I think he's really awesome and funny :-) )

What a Strawberry Splat MIGHT Say to a Blueberry Banana!

Whenever Carly goes to The Groovy Smoothie, I ask her to get me one. I USED to get the "Strawberry Splat" smoothie, but then I switched to the "Blueberry Banana" smoothie. If a "Strawberry Splat" smoothie had a CONVERSATION with a "Blueberry Banana" smoothie, WHAT WOULD THEY SAY? I think it MIGHT go something like this…

Blueberry Banana: Hey. How’s it goin’?
Strawberry Splat: I hate you!
Blueberry Banana: Why???!? What did I do???
Strawberry Splat: Spencer USED to love MEEE! 
Blueberry Banana: Well, sorry. It’s not my fault I taste better than you.
Strawberry Splat: That’s a lie! I’m VERY tasty! Way tastier than you!
Blueberry Banana: Oh YEAH? Then why does Spencer wanna taste ME now, and NOT YOU anymore?
Strawberry Splat: I don’t know! You’re evil!
Blueberry Banana: No -- you're just MAD 'cuz  I'm a newer, better, and younger smoothie than you.  You WERE tasty -- like 3 years ago -- but that was then.  I'M what Spencer wants NOW. 
Strawberry Splat: I'm STILL yummy, no matter what you say!
Blueberry Banana: Not really. You used to be all smooth and good. But now, you’re too thick and lumpy. Why don’t you join a gym or somethin'?
Strawberry Splat: You are so mean! Blueberries are stupid! They aren’t even blue! They’re PURPLE! Admit it!
Blueberry Banana: No! And strawberries are weirdly shaped and have big pores! 
Strawberry Splat: I just want Spencer to love me again!
Blueberry Banana: Hey, we all WANT things. Maybe you can date Lewbert.  But as for SPENCER -- I'M the smoothie he wants to be drinking now.
Strawberry Splat: Maybe. Until The Groovy Smoothie starts selling their NEW flavor next month: KIWI-PEACH!!! I hear it's gonna be the prettiest new smoothie EVER!
Blueberry Banana: What?!?!?!?!?!!
Strawberry Splat: Yep. LOL. Hahahahahaha. Loser!
Blueberry Banana: Awwwwwww!!!!!  Poo!!!

This I-M conversation has been entirely made-up by me.  Thank you.  –Spencer ;)

GO SPENCER!! our toilet water is also blue :)

go to iCarly.com

Strawberry SplatvsBlueberry Banana!


I updated my Multiply today :-) I love the new layout I used there: Rainbow stars! I hope that LJ would upload the new cool layouts from the HP layout contest :-) Even though I'm not yet a long-time LJ user, I'm enjoying the site, especially the people ( thanks to: [info]arlihama[info]metallicbubblex ,) and the communities... I kinda prefer LJ over Multiply hehe because Multiply is really slow!

Nine more days before school.



 We finished covering and labelling everything this afternoon. I'm quite excited about the new school year and I'm kinda expecting change for some things in school  First of all, I'm not going to be an acolyte anymore. I won't be serving in the Mass regularly because I've finally decided to become a writer for Sparks. (will be missing KOA/LOA a lot though   ). And I'm kinda handling a confidential (which means, by all means to be kept to myself forever) pre-SY2008-2009 situation right now (Status: Under Control).



I'm enjoying what's left of summer! Two days ago I was playing with this cute puppy our neighbor has. She's only one month old and her mom is a Chou-chou and her dad is a German Shepherd. She's really a sweet dog.. she loves to cuddle on people's feet. She's not yet fond of crowd though, she's shy-type! I'm so happy that her owner (i think his name is Kuya Renato) gave me the privilege of naming her! I suggested cute  names like Cinnamon, Vanilla, Strawberry and our final choices were Aqua, Summer, Brownies, Fluffy, and Rainbow. And we ended up naming her Rainbow!

I suggested that name because her collar was rainbow colored! And she's so cute and fluffy that she could bring a rainbow to people's lives! I will try to post pictures of her.. If time would allow...


Yesterday we went out.Andrea didn't want to come with us so I brought her sister (and one of my BFFs) Angelie.First we went to see my lolo's wife who just came home from the States in my Papa Biyo's place in Sampaloc. There were people there that I'm not quite familiar with because they were my lolo's wife's relatives. There was even one girl whom Angelie knew because she (the girl) used to study in her school!

When I got out of the car, I saw my Tito Mike and gave him a bday greeting (coz his bday was May 30) He was playing chess with Norman (hmm speaking off...paging Angelie!!). My dad teases him and Angelie a lot because there was this time... uhh.. nevermind that's confidential hehe. Next there was my Tito Xim. I teased him because when I texted him that David Cook was crowned American Idol, he replied and told me that he got lost in a bet in theis office (for his bet was Archuleta). lol..

Then there was Papa Biyo.. and Lola Nanet and then my lolo's wife Lola Linda (I finally remembered the name) came down from the stairs. When she saw me, she was like "This is Aira already??" I gave her a kiss and reached out for his hand to make mano... Then we ate Palabok (which I didn't quite enjoy) and a glass of Coke Zero (which I enjoyed hehe)

We spent about an hour in Sampaloc. Afterwhich, we went to The Medical City to fetch my mom from work.. and then we went to Market! Market! to buy school supplies

I was really happy that my mom helped me choose a new binder! Because I still have- a spare from last year that I haven't used yet. I'm not really happy with the design of that binder.... (but I'm not saying that I won't use it) The design of the new binder was cute  . It's really glam! and the quality of the fillers inside was better than the one I used last year (the one with the dog design).

Then, this morning, I woke up at 10. I think.. unofficially.. I was the first one to get up inside the house. It's unofficial because my Ate Honey woke up early to shop in the market but she was asleep when I woke up. I really liked our house when it's quiet ( like right now.. coz I'm  the only one who's not in bed). Involuntarily, I drank a glass of water. I wasn't satisfied so I drank again and again until I had about five glasses of water and my stomach really felt heavy. Out of boredom, I decided to take a bath.

Few hours later, I made the first thing that made sense today. I went down to the Computer shop and printed out my labels on the sticker papers that I got from nowhere (I just found them in my room with some other stuff when I was cleaning my room about two weeks ago).

then we ate lunch (Tahong and beefstake)

and rested a little

then we covered everything I needed for school...

After that, my mom played Collapse here in the computer... when she was finished..  I played and surfed the net

We searched for Paella recipes because she wanted to experiment. And then we found the recipe for Chicken paella.. she told me to copy it and so I did... and it was utterly loooonnnnnng!


Few hours later came Angelie.. we surfed.. and played games... and made her an account in GaiaOnline 


Then we had dinner (which is obviously Chicken Paella)


then Angelie and I surfed again....

at around 10:30 she went home


and here I am

typing this

utterly long

Journal entry...

hope it makes sense

and so that's it

-the end-

Lots of love,






Writer's Block: Your Theme

If your daily life had a theme song, what would it be?
It would be the song "Wonderful Crazy" by Katelyn Tarver because I believe that I'm the kind of girl who does not give up just too easy. Just like my mom, I'm willing to fight for my side especially if I believe I'm right. !

Welcome to a new day
Don't know whats on the way
But whatever it is I'll be ready
On your mark get set go
Here's the show and the road
But with you it's a load I can carry
And with each breath I would take it
Every moment gonna make it

It's a wonderful crazy
It's a beautiful out of control
Kinda scary amazing
But I don't really mind at all
It's like I'm falling, flying, laughing, crying
Hanging on and letting go
Cause my life' so wonderful crazy crazy

Some days get intense
And breakdown my defense
But I'm here and I'm not giving up
Gonna take in the sights
On the ride of my life
Living just to survive's not enough
So much love to discover
I don't need any other

It's a beautiful crazy
I'ts a beautiful out of control
Kinda scary amazing
But I don't really mind at all


David vs David on American Idol!

A battle between two Davids!

17 year old David Archuleta who had experienced acting and singing competitions...

David ArchuletaCollapse )


25 year old Bartender David Cook with an emo-ish edge

David CookCollapse )

It's quite hard choosing between them! They're both talented, and good looking (LOL)

But one thing is for sure: The next American Idol's name would be David!

American Idol Gallery Widget


Answers attack

Another site where I kill my time on the net.. I actually have fun answering question mostly in the "Arts and Humanities" and "Entertainment and Music" categories.. And I'm on Level 2!! haha and I need around 600 more points to get to level three...




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